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Self Sufficient Labs

Valldaura Estate

Spaces in the Collserola Natural Park


The Valldaura estate has a number of different spaces ideally suited to accommodate a variety of activities such as talks, conferences, presentations, celebrations and festivals and more. It is located in the flank of the Collserola Natural Park (more…)

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Valldaura has a group of laboratories researching into self-sufficiency that aims to be self-sufficient in the next few years. The group comprises three laboratories: Food Lab, Energy Lab and the Green FabLab (more…)

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Valldaura Labs is a research centre for self-sufficiency in the human habitat.

It’s aim is to develop knowledge, technologies and processes that enable people to produce as many as possible of the resources they need to live in their own environment. (more…)

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The Valldaura estate offers various workshops and other activities related to our Laboratories and mission. We also host events for individuals and organizations that share the values and principles we are actively fostering here (more…)

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Valldaura – Self Sufficient Labs

Valldaura Labs is a project promoted by IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) for the creation of a self-sufficient habitat research centre. Located in the Collserola Natural Park, in the heart of the metropolitan area of Barcelona, it has laboratories for the production of energy, food and things, and develops projects and academic programmes in association with leading research centres around the world.


‘Learning from nature to change the world’

As part of IaaC’s commitment to promoting and advancing habitability in the world on the basis of ecological principles and to making the fullest use of all available technologies and resources, we have created a research centre focused on the idea of self-sufficiency, with a view to providing a worldwide point of reference. Valldaura Labs is an opportunity to learn directly from nature in order to bring that understanding to the regeneration of 21st-century cities.