The 8 Cardinal Principles of Valldaura

1. We want to learn from nature what we should never have forgotten. We like cities. We like Barcelona. But we want to imagine a new future for our cities that embraces the challenges and and opportunities of the times we live in. We have gone back to nature to learn from its processes, in order to learn from the essence of life.

2. We want a self-sufficient life. We want to create a place in which to make and do all that is necessary for human life in the most efficient way; to be able to produce food, energy and artifacts locally, connected to the world with which we share knowledge and interest. A laboratory of laboratories. We want to learn from nature in order to act in the world naturally.

3. We want to learn by doing, transforming our everyday environment, sharing experiences with others, accumulating knowledge from a wide range of disciplines, with people of all ages, reinventing what it means to live. Defining an environment for learning and experience. Closing circles so that everything helps everything and everything is part of the cycle of life.

4. At the centre of the project are human beings who need to learn to know themselves, and learn from everything around them. Forgetting the automatic responses of industrial society and being the centre of their own self-sufficient lives, and thereby strengthening communities and building on the basis of trust and the generosity of the future.

5. We want to achieve a holistic vision of the environment with which we interact and learn to transform ourselves together with it. Because we care about the earth, the place, the reality and what lives in it. We want to have a more conscious and tranquil temporal dimension of the transformation and construction of reality, in step with the time of nature.

6. In so doing we want to create an open, independent and global community, a self-sufficient connected community in which to invent the future of our cities on the basis of a new humanism. We want to make Valldaura a magical place. And make living this experience an essential part of our lives.

7. We want to make a meaningful contribution to the conservation of the Collserola Natural Park, where we have established our centre, and promote biodiversity and connection with the immediate network of natural systems. And we want to contribute to the renaturation of our cities and address the change of scale of the world’s habitability that is a characteristic of our time.

8. The project is the way, the process of transforming Valldaura into a new reality. Valldaura has always been a fertile place that invites us to recover the original founding spirit in creating a setting for research, production and knowledge. We are a link in the long chain of Valldaura’s history.