Other Research Areas

The primary objective of Valldaura Labs, as a centre of research on the Self-Sufficient Habitat, is to provide itself with the necessary structures to produce in situ most of the resources its students and researchers need to live. Our aim is to generate all of our energy through renewable systems, to produce the greater part of the food we consume, and to fabricate objects using traditional techniques and high-tech processes with resources obtained from our immediate environment.

The research is organized on the basis of Laboratories and Programmes.

The centre runs the following programmes:

  • Forest Management Programme (approved as sustainable forest management by the Generalitat de Catalunya)
  • Environment Programme, providing an integral understanding of the natural cycles that take place in the forests of Valldaura and the surrounding Serra de Collserola range
  • Archaeology Programme, centred on excavations in the historic site of the royal palace of Valldaura and the recovery of historic agricultural structures
  • Global Traceability of Matter Programme