This exhibition was a presentation of various projects completed at the Valldaura Labs Campus of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. The core of this innovative project is a laboratory to promote investigation and set a new benchmark for self sufficiency. The Valldaura Labs represents a new paradigm for sustainability established by IAAC with the aim to create a progressive, consciously designed ecology using both cutting edge technologies and rich craftsmanship. As such, this exhibition comprises of various aspects:

Advanced Ecological Buildings
IAAC’s immersive master program of Advanced Ecological Building design takes place at the Valldaura Labs campus. Over the course of 6 months and under the guidance of directors Vicente Guallart and Daniel Ibanez, young designers, engineers and professionals have designed building proposals for the future of Barcelona. These proposals present a new generation of advanced ecological building projects, which fuse the environmental values of the buildings (ecologically aware, renewable materials, energy, self-sufficiency and efficient material use) with an adaptive, modular and advanced design.

The buildings, developed for Barcelona’s blocks on the Besos River, include a fusion of housing programs and activities such as Mercado Ecologico, Aquaponic Gardens, Digital Manufacturing Centers and much more. The projects were presented to a jury of experts consisting of Miquel Lacasta (of Archikubik, author of the reform of the Deposit) Ali Basbous (of BAD, Beirut), Guillermo Sevillano and Elena Sevillano  and professors of the IAAC Honorata Grzesikowska, Nicolo Gnecchi and Jon Minchin.

Valldaura Labs, Through The Lens of Adria Goula
Adria Goula is a renowned architectural photographer whose work spans acclaimed projects by prominent architects, and has been showcased on the cover of many architecture editorials. Valldaura Labs, Through The Lens of Adria Goula, is a tribute to IAAC and the Institute’s ethos of innovation and design for the future; presenting the school and the Valldaura Labs Campus to a broader audience.

About the Exhibition Curation
True to Valldaura Labs’ platform of self-sufficiency and traceability, the exhibition is curated with wood sourced from the Valldaura Labs campus. The wood in this exhibition is Oak and Pine, and each piece comes with a birth certificate and geo-location.

All printed photography and drawings related to the Master were printed by MAEB Sponsor ARTYPLAN. Large scale 3D Printing of model elements was partially sponsored by Noumena. The inauguration of the exhibition was attended by Andreu Mas Colell, former Minister of Universities of Catalonia.

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